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Al Jazeera America
Nov 1, 2013 12:00pm EDT
on tvs and tablets that are usually offered the say after thanksgiving. >>> the marriage of office max and office depot is getting the blessing of the federal government. regulators are giving the thumbs up to the $1.2 billion. they signed off on the deal eight months ago, the companies say the combination will help them compete with the industry leader, staples. >>> back in 1997 the government blocked the merger when office depot and staples after anti-trust laws were raised. >>> gm is leading the pack of car sales with 16% in gains. ford jumped in with a gain of 14%, and chrysler said it has the strongest october since 2007. >>> and here is an example of technology that clashed with the law. a california woman says she has been sited because she wore her google glassings when she was driving. she was quote, driving with monitor visible to driver. the law was meant to stop drivers from watching tvs or other devices that might destruct them. but the woman says her glasses weren't on at the time. >>> officials are breaking ground on the nation's first high-speed rail system. the details
Al Jazeera America
Oct 29, 2013 6:00pm EDT
for them there. temperatures, look at this, billings montana, 28 degrees. we're getting close to the max for this afternoon. for the northern plains we're seeing snow pushing across parts of the great lakes as well. this particular storm system that you see right here, this will be making its way over towards the east as we go towards thursday and friday. we're going to be watching very carefully. unfortunately the nice weather we have across the northeast and the eastern seaboard, that will end for some people but down here towards the southeast not looking too bad. the temperatures we expect to see in atlanta, 76 degrees. up towards washington, 68. this is where the nice weather and unfortunately that's where we're seeing a lot of the problems. tony, back. >> now, a record day on wall street but does that translate into a stronger economy? ali velshi with oh that and more. >>> and delivering the most to students for the least amount of money. he >> stocks hitting new highs, the dow and s&p 500 reaching record levels today. look at these numbers. ali velshi, where is ali? he'll be talki
Al Jazeera America
Oct 30, 2013 2:00pm EDT
know that re/max is an u.s.-based real estate company. dexer is an european group. what pressure can be brought by the u.n. over the involvement of these companies specifically? >> i think it's a matter of political will. what my role has been is to make the issues visible, to make the argument as strong as possible. and hopefully the combination of pressure from simple society, and this new emphasis within the u.n. itself will produce resul results. >> mr. faulk, thank you. let's go back to felicity in london. >> we will gather to the news that angela merkel has sent intelligence advisers to washington. they're sent to ask about u.s. spying on merkel's phone. she wants a no spying deal by the end of the year. former news editor and former chief and former reporter all entered guilty pleas for this week's high profile trial. private investigators who had already been convicted of similar offenses back in 2007, also pleaded guilty. two others deny the charges. >>> olympic organizers facing security questions after a suicide attempt on a bus in russia. as david chatar reports, there ar
Al Jazeera America
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
a million for the species this year. >> we were expecting a good run, we exceeded the daily max mum. it was mayhem, really, it was mayhem. >> salmon populations have struggled since the river and its tributearies were harnessed for power. hundreds of river miles away, then the snake, then the clearwater, these fall chinook reach the end of their line. fish returning to this stretch of river numbered in the hundreds in the 1990s. this is a different year. >> it's fun, pretty magnificent. >> it means something -- that we're doing something as a people, doing something that's right. >> at this tribal hatchery funded by court order by the federal bonneville power administration, workers scan fish for implanted computer chips, test for disease and strip chinook of their eggs and sperm. fortyizeation in hatcheries completes the cycle. all of this is one example of the human help the fish get from state and federal sources, conservation groups and tribes. hydroelectric turbines have been improved, killing fewer young fish and dam managers have tweaked operations to increase the survival ra
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 6:00am EST
practiced as kick boxing where each max begins with a traditional dance. and it also serves as one of the three main disciplines that makeup market arts or mma. professional mma is a new sport with a rapidly expanding fan base and pro-mma arrived in bangkok. will it knock out the traditional form? >> i don't think mma will take over. i think this is rooted deeply in the culture of thailand but i think mma has a strong presence around the world. >> reporter: global appeal doesn't matter of thailand's governing sports authority and he told al jazeera that professional mma is ban in the country. not true according to the promoter who hosted the first pro-mma fight night in bangkok. >> 2012 there was announcement made by a person from the sport authority of thailand saying that the government of thailand would be banning the sport of mixed martial arts but that never happened. >> reporter: some purist see it as diluting the century old practice other view it as a way to expose a wider audience to the national sport and possibly provide more opportunity for the fighters here. and he h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5